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Since January, COVID-19 has spread so fast that most of the world has been contaminated. France has not escaped the pandemic and in view of the rapid expansion of the virus these past days, the French government has taken unusual measures to try and contain its spreading. President Emmanuel MACRON has thus announced the lockdown of the whole French territory, as of March 17 and for a minimum duration of 15 days.


As a Food Industry cooperative, SODIAAL Group has thus implemented a continuity plan and sanitary measures for both their staff and suppliers, enforced before the beginning of the lockdown, in order to avoid interrupting consumers’ supply. The Board of Directors of the cooperative is closely monitoring how the situation is evolving so as to adapt deployment of measures.



Staff sanitary protection and public health observance

As a subsidiary of SODIAAL Cooperative, EUROSERUM has totally subscribed to implementing the plan and has enforced the rules and regulations decided on since early March:

- Reduction of business trips, and external visits to our sites, to the strict minimum

- Systematic 14-days quarantine for members of staff coming back from at-risk areas or having had contacts with contaminated people

- Cancellation or postponement of all events such as trainings and inter-site meetings

- Enforcement of new health rules and regulations as recommended by the Ministry of Health


As of March 17, and in compliance with the French Government’s new announcement, these rules and regulations have been intensified:

- Implementing home-office work for members of staff whose jobs make it possible, or otherwise sending them home

- Implementing strict hygiene and safe-distance rules and regulations, setting up “good gestures” campaigns, both in production plants and admin offices for tasks that are essential to industrial activity preservation, whenever home-office work is not feasible.


Industrial activity continuity plan to preserve contribution to nourishing consumers

Despite such difficult conditions, we are doing our utmost to preserve Euroserum’s activity and delivery to our customers throughout the world

We are strengthening our daily collaboration with our raw material, services and parts suppliers to reinforce logistics and supply continuity.

In our production sites as well as in our logistic departments, we’re doing our utmost to ensure milk and whey are still collected, our products are still shipped, and our delivery terms still met. Our sales and customers’ assistance teams are listening to our customers’ requests in order to provide them with adapted solutions. We are still doing our utmost to try and avoid consequences of the situation on our lead and shipment times, and to keep in close contact with our clients to daily inform them of any change.

Admin and operational tasks such as supply management, scheduling, order management, delivery and invoicing are essential to our activity. Thus we are daily implementing measures to ensure such continuity is met thanks to our internal organization, based on concertation and unity, that adapts to the situation as it evolves.



Faced with such serious and unusual situation, our teams remain dedicated to both our customers and consumers, and never has our team spirit been more valued, and more present than now.