Demineralized whey

EUROSERUM offers SICALAC 90 SF, a 90% demineralized whey powder specially developed for food processing applications.

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SICALAC 90 SF: reduced salt taste and functionality

SICALAC 90 SF has a minimum protein content of 11%, combined with a reduced mineral content, which will suit many applications looking for the perfect compromise between taste, functionality and cost of the recipe. 


SICALAC 90 SF presents:

  • A milky taste, with reduced saline notes, particularly sought after in applications such as chocolate confectionery, dairy fillings and cookies


  • A reduced sodium content that will enhance the flavours in applications such as béchamel sauces, without unbalancing the salty taste


  • A protein content that will contribute to many functionalities such as the Maillard reaction, emulsification, bulking agent...



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High thermal stability

SICALAC 90 SF remains stable for 5 minutes at 100°C. This high thermal stability will be an asset in applications requiring a heat treatment and a low salt taste. 

It is particularly suitable for the development of creamers, milk drinks and evaporated milk. 



Product benefits

  • Sacs bandes blanches

    Low mineral content, especially sodium


  • High thermal stability


  • Protein content >11%.

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