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Our co-workers testify

‘’Completing my studies with an apprenticeship was a great stroke of luck for me!’’

Alexandra, 23 – Receiving/shipping clerk in Saint Martin Belle Roche plant

After my end-of-high school diploma in laboratory technology, I opted for the Food Industry. I thus enrolled in an HND of Food Science and Technology (French BTS). However, after a 3-month internship, I started feeling I really lacked experience and knowledge of the professional world. In order to gradually integrate that world, I decided to pursue my education towards a B.S. in Food Industry Production Management, as an apprentice in EUROSERUM.

Completing my studies with an apprenticeship was a great stroke of luck for me !

During that B.S. study, I was able to integrate myself into the working world while topping-up my knowledge and, mostly, put what I knew into practice. I was entrusted with several concrete missions I successfully completed, and also participated in the optimization project of the evaporator-concentrator facility optimization.

When my apprenticeship ended, I felt I had gained a real advantage in that I’d learnt how to work, and I’d acquired industrial experience. A t the end of last year, EUROSERUM gave me a great opportunity when they offered me a production job, which I accepted. Since then I’ve held a receiving/shipping post   in Saint Martin Belle Roche plant.

Doing an apprenticeship is the best way to start a professional life. Evolving inside a big group such as SODIAAL enables a young employee to become familiar with all the dairy activities. However, to enhance such knowledge and fulfil career prospects, mobility is essential!

‘’After my onboarding programme, I had the feeling I was part of the EUROSERUM family’’

Bettina, 33 – Manager of Planning, Process and Performance – Headquarters

When I started working for EUROSERUM in August 2014, the HR Director and my own director gave me my “onboarding passport” and their first words were: “Welcome to EUROSERUM, you are embarking on an onboarding program throughout our plants for a 3-month duration!”. I must admit I felt a bit disconcerted to learn I was not going to start my real job straight away; however, I eventually realized it might be a good opportunity to learn how things work in the field, meaning getting more familiar with the organization, the processes, the constraints and last but not least the people…

Such onboarding programs enable a new member of staff to better grasp the company’s environment, their co-workers, as well as identifying beforehand their work orientations and starting to understand context with a fresh perspective . The onboarding process facilitates getting acquainted with your staff but also enables them to know you. Professional relations become simpler and, consequently, make it easier and more spontaneous to call one another whenever needed.

EUROSERUM’s plants are the core of the company. Production is customer-oriented and it is not an easy undertaking! Thus it is essential to apprehend their constraints in order to, from central management, fulfil our supporting role to the plants. After spending these few months deep inside the production sites, each time I have to deal with a subject, I try and find out, upstream, what in-field impact it will have, something I couldn’t have done if I hadn’t gone through onboarding.

After my onboarding program, I had the feeling I was part of the EUROSERUM family, that I knew my colleagues and the way they worked. I have to admit that, throughout my career, it is the first time I have felt operational as soon as I started working for the company. Well done, EUROSERUM! Such onboarding initiative can only favour a winner/winner relationship between a new recruit and the company.

‘’ International development is the company’s DNA ’’

Sergei, 39 – Commodity Trade and Russia Sales Manager – Headquarters

When I started working for EUROSERUM in 2006, I was in charge of the Eastern Europe area for 3 years ; then my career went through several changes and currently I am Commodity Sales Manager. I am responsible for the biggest traders and part of the former Soviet Union area, which means dealing with over a hundred customers all over the world !

After studying in Belarus, my native country, I decided to work in international sales, thus making it possible for EUROSERUM to hire me.

My job generates new challenges every day! Travelling, meeting our customers, selling at the right price, following market trends, anticipating needs… Even after several years of experience, we still have some things to learn. The proof is that, in order to amp up my competences, I decided in 2014, with EUROSERUM’s agreement and financial support, to undertake a vocational training with a view to obtaining a new qualification, which I have just completed.

Product knowledge is essential to our trade. We have to show we have product information at our fingertips when we offer them to our customers and the range is quite wide.

« The customer is at the heart of our preoccupations ! » That’s EUROSERUM’s motto and to that purpose we need to meet our customers on a regular basis even if they are on the other side of the world … A Sales Manager does not only sell, he/she has to cultivate customer relations and should make them last.

International development is the company’s DNA. Markets differ from one country to another. Thus we have to be inquisitive, reactive and able to make quick decisions on important matters.

It is a versatile job !

‘’Sharing your know-how and interpersonal skills, learning more, helping co-workers and passing on your expertise...these are the values I have found at EUROSERUM’’

Antonin, 28 – Technology and Process engineer – Headquarters

My career took off in the SODIAAL Group after I did an apprenticeship as a Food Industry Production engineer in Entremont.

As I was looking for an internship abroad to complete my engineer’s degree, EUROSERUM gave me the opportunity of doing a placement in Stribro plant in the Czech Republic.

After completion and thanks to my internship , I was recruited by EUROSERUM in their Bas-en-Basset plant while a new workshop and its launch were being implemented. EUROSERUM trusted me with the job of implementation manager, giving me the responsibility of managing a several million Euro facility, as well as recruiting and training my future team. I also worked for 3 years as demineralization and Reception coordinator, which boosted my skills in technology, process and team management..

Following the launch of the new workshop, I realized I had really liked the technical intricacies of process as well as project management . I thus decided to turn my career to something a bit different so as to discover a new side of the trade, yet without neglecting technology . Thus I was very lucky to be able to integrate the Technical Division in Port-sur-Saône headquarters, as a Process and Technology engineer.

Nowadays I manage projects throughout all EUROSERUM plants.

Since the beginning of my career, my working policy has been based on exchanging and learning. These two points are essential to me! Sharing your know-how and interpersonal skills, learning more, helping co-workers and passing on your expertise… These are the values I have found at EUROSERUM and which I perpetuate through my complementary role as a teacher in the Ecole Industrielle Des Poudres (Internal Training Centre).

‘’ In production, female staff acceptance is gradually improving’’

Julie, 32 – Supervisor in Port-sur-Saône plant

I started working for EUROSERUM in 2003 through a block-release Food Industry HND programme (French BTS en alternance) in the reception department of Saint Martin Belle Roche plant. When I got my BTS, I was recruited in the department and later was given a double-responsibility post : Evaporator conductor (supervising both workshop and facilities) and receiving/shipping clerk.

I got acquainted with the Food Industry by chance during my education and found it very interesting, especially the rather intricate manufacturing processes. It was then I realized working in production would be my calling !

Production is a man’s trade, however female staff acceptance is gradually improving.

I was lucky to pursue my career inside EUROSERUM and I currently hold a supervisor’s job in Port-sur-Saône plant. When I started I met quite a few difficulties, as I had to find acceptance in a man’s world. Managing older, more experienced people, who moreover have been working in the company for years is never easy. Very challenging, yet so rewarding if you succeed!

In Port-sur-Saône, I was welcomed by other supervisors and line managers who trained me, explained each and every detail of the manufacturing process , and passed on their know-how to me. Being a bit of a tomboy, I really like the technical side of the job and the endlessly evolving process!

To achieve success in such men’s jobs, a woman must share her experiences, pass on her skills and know-how, as well as keep being tuned in, yet she mustn’t be afraid of asserting herself .

Now totalling 13 years of experience in production, I wouldn’t work in any other field for anything in the world !