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For your infant formulas


For over 40 years, EUROSERUM has been supporting you in your developments of infant milk formulas.

Our ambition is to help you provide children, worldwide, high quality nutrition for the best start in life.

Discover our dairy powders and ingredients for infant formulas



EUROSERUM offers top-of-the range 70% and 90% demineralized whey powders.

Our powders of demineralized whey provide a dairy basis specifically adapted to infant milk formulation thanks to their content in two key ingredients: lactose and whey proteins. 

The low rate of mineral salts of our demineralized whey is adapted to nutritional needs of young children. Thanks to our efficient, selective and expert demineralization, we can offer you the mineral profile which will best suit your requirements.

 * We encourage mothers to breast-feed their babies from birth on to 6 months minimum, in compliance with WHO recommendations. Breast milk is indeed the best nutrient for babies and perfectly adapted to their specific needs. Our ingredients, elaborated for infant milk formulas manufacturers, contribute to providing alternatives for mothers who are unable to breast feed.


For your infant milk formulas, raw materials are rigorously selected

Our demineralized whey powders are elaborated from high quality sweet whey, which is processed and demineralized in our French plants.

In the demineralization process, EUROSERUM only extracts mineral salts, and then runs the whey through an adapted heat treatment. Whey proteins are thus entirely preserved, so as to keep all the richness of this choice ingredient.


For your follow-on and toddler infant milks, we can also offer premium sweet whey, or demineralized whey permeate.



EUROSERUM, your best development partner

As a leader in the demineralized whey market, EUROSERUM is best known for the quality of their products throughout the world. For 40 years our teams have never stopped developing and upgrading their expertise and knowledge in demineralization processes .

EUROSERUM offers you the best partnership to make the most of whey.

Best benefits

  • Nutritional richness
  • Reduced rate of mineral salts
  • Easy processing and elaboration
  • Flowing texture
  • Mastered density
  • Good solubility
  • Heat stability

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