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Are you looking for solutions to improve and amp up your recipes? EUROSERUM offers a wide range of quality whey powders, milk and dairy ingredients.

For 40 years, EUROSERUM has been nurturing your ideas to feed the world.

Discover our dairy powders and ingredients for agri-food industries

SICASWEET 95 - 90% Demineralized whey permeate


EUROSERUM’s demineralized whey permeate is rich in lactose (>95%) and has a low content of mineral salts.

SICASWEET 95 gives a sweet milky taste to your preparations. Thus you will be able to incorporate it into your recipes and formulations as a substitute for lactose.


SICASWEET 95: good functional properties

EUROSERUM’s 90% demineralized whey permeate brings many functional benefits:

  • Contributes to Maillard reaction and caramelization
  • Low sweetening capacity : thus higher rate of incorporation
  • Sweet milky taste
  • Bulking agent
  • Cost-efficient substitute


90% demineralized permeate is the result of EUROSERUM’s expertise on demineralization processes. It is a natural ingredient whose components are not adulterated by processing.

Best benefits

  • Balanced sensory profile
  • Demineralization expertise
  • Natural ingredient
  • Rich in lactose

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