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Are you looking for solutions to improve and amp up your recipes? EUROSERUM offers a wide range of quality whey powders, milk and dairy ingredients.

For 40 years, EUROSERUM has been nurturing your ideas to feed the world.

Discover our dairy powders and ingredients for agri-food industries

SICACREAM HF: functional dairy ingredient for creamy and delightful ice creams


EUROSERUM proposes SICACREAM HF, a range of functional dairy ingredients designed to meet the specific requirements of ice cream formulation.

SICACREAM HF range is offered in 3 references, from 15% to 24% of protein rate and is then adapted to every type of ice cream.


SICACREAM HF will add many organoleptic and functional properties to your recipes.

  • Smoothness: fullness of finished product
  • Emulsion and foaming: light and homogenous texture of the ice cream
  • Scoopability: holds well when being portioned
  • Homogenous texture during freezing: decrease of appearance of ice crystals
  • Moderately cold taste to ensure a pleasant mouth feel of the finished product
  • Milky taste that respects the ice cream flavor
  • Stable texture that counteracts volume loss decrease during shelf-life

A cutting-edge process that transforms whey into a unique ingredient

SICACREAM HF is manufactured from sweet whey… and nothing else! Thanks to a sophisticated process, EUROSERUM reinforces its natural properties for the formulation of creamy and smooth ice creams, much enjoyed by consumers.

Best benefits

  • Can replace skimmed milk up to 100%
  • Enhanced properties thanks to proteins functionalization
  • Easy to use
  • Allows formulation of tasty and smooth ice creams

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