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For your organic recipes


EUROSERUM is your partner to enable your consumers to opt for organic products and offers you a range of organic dairy ingredients, sourced from a controlled and sustainable supply.

Discover our certified-organic powders and ingredients



To enable you to give your clients the choice of organic products, EUROSERUM offers you a range of dairy ingredients sourced from a controlled and sustainable supply.


  • Organic skimmed milk powders: thanks to their nutritional, functional and organoleptic properties, these powders are perfect for many applications world-wide.
  • SICAPRO 60 organic: a concentrate of milk proteins. Its high rate of micellar caseins, with a profile rich in essential amino-acids, makes it perfect to formulate protein-enriched nutritional products targeted for athletes and the elderly. Its good texturing and organoleptic properties will also facilitate fresh milk products, processed cheeses and ice-cream recipes.
  • Organic demineralized whey powders: EUROSERUM has added certified organic references to its range of demineralized whey powders. Rich in lactose and whey proteins, these organic powders are specifically adapted to infant milk formulation.



EUROSERUM’s organic ingredients have Europe and China organic certifications. These ingredients can be part of the composition of many organic products and infant milks throughout the world.

Best benefits

  • 2 organic China and Europe certified plants
  • Expert and integrated sourcing
  • 100% French
  • 40 years of expertise in demineralization

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