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Our products


EUROSERUM proposes wide ranges of dairy ingredients that will meet your formulation requirements for applications such as infant milk, chocolate, ice-cream, dairy drinks…

Demineralized whey

With 40 years of technical expertise, EUROSERUM proposes high quality demineralized whey powders for infant nutrition.

  • SICALAC 70
  • SICALAC 90

Premium sweet whey

EUROSERUM proposes SICALAC PREMIUM, premium sweet whey powder, mostly sought after for its nutritional properties and heat stability.

Demineralized whey permeate

Thanks to its high lactose content (>95%), SICASWEET 90 is adapted to many applications : infant milk, chocolate, confectionary, milk drinks or bakery, pastries and cakes..

Sweet whey

SICALAC, EUROSERUM's sweet whey powder, offers multi benefits to improve and optimise your recipes: nutritional intake and functional properties provided by whey proteins.

Dairy Powders

As a member of SODIAAL’s co-operative, EUROSERUM offers a range of high quality milk powders:

  • Whole milk powder
  • Skimmed milk powder

Custom-formulated ingredients

EUROSERUM devises custom-formulated ingredients, to meet your specific recipe requirements. Our natural ingredients are selected for their functional and organoleptic properties.

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