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Our cooperative origin: SODIAAL

Eurosérum: member of Sodiaal co-operative group.

In 2011, EUROSERUM has joined the SODIAAL group. Major actor of the dairy sector, SODIAAL is the:

    • 1st French dairy co-operative
    • 3rd in Europe
    • 5th worldwide

"Des valeurs et des hommes".

SODIAAL’s Co-operative is governed by its members, and for them. Such management is based on democratic principles. 

  • « One person, one vote »: each member/producer gets one vote to elect their representatives and can participate, if elected, in managing the co-operative.
  • Strong values: transmitted by the SODIAAL Group and their various subsidiaries, these values are rooted in co-operation ethics.

Recognised know-how and famous brands.

Thanks to its various subsidiaries, SODIAAL is active in every dairy industry:

  • Cheeses
  • Milk, butter, cream
  • Nutrition and dairy ingredients
  • Fresh dairy products

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