Whey Protein Concentrates activity 2021

EUROSERUM diversifies its nutritional ranges, particularly for the formulation of infant milk, and is offering a new range of whey protein concentrates.

Opening of international offices 2013 - 2016

EUROSERUM strengthens its international commercial presence, with local offices shared by the different SODIAAL subsidiaries in Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.


EUROSERUM joins SODIAAL cooperative 2011

In 2011, EUROSERUM joins SODIAAL, the leading dairy cooperative in France and takes on a new dimension.


Industrial development 1993 - 2009

Between 1993 and 2009, the industrial perimeter was greatly expanded, with the acquisition and integration of production sites in the main French dairy basins, and as close as possible to the collection of whey and quality milk. 

We now have 10 production sites in France, as well as 4 pre-concentration sites. 

Launch of the international activity 1980

With export sales since the 1980s, we have consolidated over the years a solid international expertise.

Today, we export 70% of our production to more than 80 countries and have been certified as an Authorized Economic Operator since 2012.

First production of demineralized whey 1979

EUROSERUM rapidly developed demineralization technologies for which it is now internationally recognized. 

The company has been consolidating this key technical expertise for more than 45 years, and supports infant formula producers in their development of innovative and nutritional formulas.


Founding of the company 1973

EUROSERUM was born from the desire of cheese producers in the Franche-Comté region to develop whey. 

Born from an environmental approach, the company quickly revealed its nutritional and functional richness.