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Ingredients adapted to your recipes

EUROSERUM offers a wide range of ingredients for your food recipes. 

These ingredients meet the needs of recipes for many everyday products, for the chocolate industry, fresh dairy products, dairy drinks...

Depending on the needs of your recipes, we can help you identify the best ingredients, including

  • Sweet whey powders
  • Demineralized whey powders
  • Functional ingredients
  • Milk powders...

The right ingredient for your recipes!

Depending on your projects, the needs of your applications and your specific requirements, we will be able to offer you the ingredients that will contribute to:

  • The nutritional quality of your products
  • The functional properties of your recipes thanks to the contribution of proteins: bulking agent, emulsification, binding...
  • Organoleptic properties: taste, texture...
ESM barres chocolatées

We offer dairy ingredients with reduced mineral content:

  • Our demineralized whey powders: with a demineralization of 40 to 90%, they offer a sweet milky taste while contributing to the whey protein content of your recipe and thus contribute to many functionalities


  • Our demineralized whey permeates are an interesting source of lactose and have a particularly balanced, sweet and milky taste. 


Demineralized whey powders

Partially demineralized whey powders

Demineralized whey permeate

We can offer you ingredients with properties that will correspond to the development of powdered preparations for milk drinks, or to ready-to-drink recipes:

Demineralized whey permeate powder

High heat stable whey powder

In addition, we also offer ingredients that will adapt to many recipes as they will provide nutrition or functionality:

Sweet whey powders

Milk powders


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