For a sustainable world

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Contribute to a more sustainable world through concrete actions

EUROSERUM's history and "raison d'être" are closely linked to an environmental approach in which our company were founded: we have been developing whey from dairy production into nutritional ingredients that help feed people throughout the world for over 45 years.

Today more than ever, this environmental and sustainable approach is at the heart of our corporate strategy. Formalized by an ambitious CSR policy and supported by all our employees in a joint effort, our actions address the major issues of our industry and aim to provide concrete and proactive solutions to the major challenges of our time

Our commitments in a few figures

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reduction of our carbon footprint between 2012 and 2019 on an industrial basis
0 %
of the water in our demineralization process is recycled
0 T eq. C02
saved since 2012 thanks to our actions

A founding base: the values and commitments of the cooperative

As a cooperative, SODIAAL's model is based on a structuring environmental and sustainable development approach: to accompany the French dairy producers in their development, in the respect of the nature and the animals. 

SODIAAL's CSR policy is based on 3 pillars guiding the cooperative's actions. Deployed within all its subsidiaries, these 3 pillars constitute the guidelines of their own CSR policies:

  • Farms looking to the future
  • For the best of milk
  • A proud and committed community

EUROSERUM's CSR policy is based on these strong guidelines, to which are added guidelines specific to our activity. 



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Our commitment to sustainable ingredients

EUROSERUM's CSR policy is based on three strong commitments, broken down into major projects and concrete actions.

  • For the preservation of the environment
  • For nutritional ingredients, accessible to all throughout the world
  • To support our coworkers
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Decarbonizing our business

A major project for EUROSERUM in recent years: our efforts have enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint by around 22% between 2012 and 2019. To go even further, we are following a methodology to:

  • Optimize our existing processes.
  • Invest in the latest equipment and decarbonization solutions.
  • Increase the share of renewable energy in our energy mix.

Reducing our water consumption

By closely monitoring our consumption and reducing it by optimizing and automating our processes, and by setting up virtuous circuits such as the reuse of our process water, particularly for concentration and drying.

Optimizing of our packaging

Our packaging is developed in a responsible manner to limit its impact on the environment while respecting the requirements of our customers and the perfect food safety of our products.

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The right ingredients for every age

We offer a range of ingredients adapted to all ages and their specific nutritional needs: from young children to the elderly.

Nutritional dairy ingredients, accessible to all

Our dairy ingredients provide whey and milk proteins with recognized nutritional qualities, enabling food manufacturers to offer nutritional food that is accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world. 

Diversity as a nutritional richness

At Euroserum, we are committed to offer a variety of dairy ingredients, meeting many nutritional needs. In addition to our historical ranges, we are developing a range of ingredients from goat/sheep milk collection, as well as certified organic ingredients.

We also support the societal challenges of our time, by studying the symbiosis between plant and animal proteins to provide a complete offer to our customers. 

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In addition to the actions necessary to ensure a perfectly safe working environment for our employees, we deploy important programs to raise awareness and involve everyone in safety issues. These actions are part of a complete program deployed by SODIAAL within its subsidiaries, completed by targeted training on our main risks, internal communication campaigns, the implementation of a network of internal referents as well as generalized behavioral visits. 

Integration and training

We ensure that each of our employees has all the necessary tools to carry out their missions, and that they benefit from regular upgrading of their skills throughout their career to enable them to grow professionally. We have set up an internal school, the Ecole Industrielle Des Poudres, to ensure the sustainability of the skills specific to our businesses.

Fair treatment

Our company pays particular attention to the integration of each person, to fair treatment and equal opportunities regardless of their personal situation. As a Handi'Accueillante (Handi'Welcoming) company, we implement the necessary actions to adapt the positions of disabled people.