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At EUROSERUM, innovation is at the heart of our strategy: we are committed to providing you with the ingredients that are best suited to the evolutions of your markets.

  • With the diversification of our demineralized whey ranges which will allow you to cover the main segments of the infant milk market and to develop a premium and differentiating positioning such as goat/sheep, organic and sustainable infant milks. 
  • With our brand new range of WPC (protein concentrates): we help you adjust the protein and essential amino acid profile of your formulas.
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Boîte de lait infantile et objets
Infant nutrition

EUROSERUM has been helping you develop your infant formula for over 40 years.

Our ambition: to help you provide children all over the world with quality food, for a good start in life. 

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Petite fille et cookies
Daily food

Are you looking to optimize your recipes?

EUROSERUM offers you a wide range of whey powders and dairy ingredients, adapted to your needs. For more than 45 years, EUROSERUM has been assisting food manufacturers in the development of recipes that make a difference!

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Famille_Nutrition spécialisée
Specialized nutrition

EUROSERUM offers dairy ingredients adapted to the development of recipes for specialized nutrition, such as milk protein concentrates that are suitable for products intended for seniors, athletes or wellness, and requiring protein enrichment.

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