Demineralized whey at 70% and 90%

Euroserum offers demineralized whey powders from 70 to 90%, which meet the needs of infant milk formulation.

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SICALAC 70 and SICALAC 90 : demineralized whey powders from 70 to 90 %, intended for the formulation of infant milks.

Our demineralized whey powders constitute a dairy base adapted to the formulation of infant milks. They are notably sources of two key components: lactose and serum proteins.

The low mineral content of our demineralized whey is suitable for the nutritional needs of young children. Thanks to an efficient, selective and controlled demineralization process, we offer you the mineral profile that best suits your needs.


Tableau SICALAC 70 & 90



Product benefits

  • Sacs bandes blanches
    Source of lactose and serum protein


  • Reduced mineral content


  • Fluid texture


  • Good capacity to be put back into solution


  • Thermal stability

For your infant milk formulas, our raw materials are rigorously selected.

Our demineralized whey powders are produced from high quality sweet whey. This is then exclusively processed and demineralized in our French factories.

During the demineralization process, EUROSERUM removes only the mineral salts and implements an appropriate heat treatment. The integrity of the serum proteins is thus fully preserved, to offer you all the richness of this ingredient of choice.

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