Organic demineralized whey

EUROSERUM offers SICALAC 90G & SICALAC 70G, organic demineralized whey powders for the formulation of certified organic infant milks.

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Developed for organic infant milk formulas

Our organic demineralized whey powders have been developed to specifically meet the needs of infant formula producers wishing to extend or reinforce their ranges with certified organic references.

They contribute to the nutritional properties of the formulas for which they are intended. They are in particular :

  • Sources of lactose and serum proteins
  • Very little contribution to the mineral salt content thanks to a selective and controlled demineralization
  • With a pleasant organoleptic profile, they also contribute to the good taste of the finished product, a fluid texture and a homogeneous color. 


Europe and Chine certifications

SICALAC 90G and SICALAC 70G have recognized certifications, and are suitable for export:

  • ECOCERT certification (China)


  • WIT certification (China)


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