Sheep/Goat demineralized whey

EUROSERUM offers SICAYANG SGP, a range of demineralized goat/sheep whey powders suitable for the formulation of infant formulas.

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SICAYANG SGP: demineralized whey powders from 70 to 90% of goat/sheep

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SICAYANG SGP is a range of demineralized whey powders from 70 to 90%. Produced from goat/sheep dairy collection, these whey powders are suitable for the formulation of infant milks.


Sources of lactose and whey proteins, they contribute to the nutritional and functional qualities of finished product:

  • SICAYANG SGP can contribute up to 56% of the total protein content of the formula
  • Its remarkable thermal stability ensures a homogeneous texture throughout the manufacturing process
  • SICAYANG SGP is a source of essential amino acids
  • Its low mineral content meets the nutritional requirements of infant formula


SICAYANG SGP also has a pleasant organoleptic profile which will be a real advantage in the finished product!


For 100% goat-sheep formulas

Made exclusively from goat/sheep milk raw material, the references of the SICAYANG SGP range allow to formulate 100% goat/sheep milk: a real competitive advantage on this growing market

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Product benefits of SICAYANG SGP

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    Source of goat/sheep serum protein and lactose


  • Suitable for the formulation of 100% goat/sheep infant formula


  • Thermal stability


  • Pleasant organoleptic profile

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