Whey permeate demineralized at 90%

EUROSERUM offers SICASWEET 95, a 90% demineralized whey permeate, suitable for many recipes such as chocolate or milk drinks.

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SICASWEET 95 provides a balanced taste, particularly appreciated in chocolate and milk drinks

SICASWEET 95 contains more than 95% lactose and a low level of whey proteins. This unique composition makes it a dairy solution perfectly adapted to recipes of chocolate confectionaries or dairy drinks for example. 

This demineralized whey permeate has a balanced, milky and sweet taste, particularly sought after for this type of application.

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Many functional benefits for recipes that make a difference!

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EUROSERUM's 90% demineralized permeate also has functional benefits that are appreciated in many food recipes:

  • Contribution to the Maillard reaction and to caramelization
  • Low sweetening power: highest possible incorporation rate
  • Filling agent
  • Economic substitute
Product benefits

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  • Balanced sweet and milky organoleptic profile


  • Source of lactose (>95%)


  • UHT-able properties


  • Contributes to functionalities

The ingredient of successful sweet recipes!

The composition of SICASWEET 95, rich in lactose with a reduced level of mineral salts, makes it particularly suitable for many applications:

  • Dairy drinks
  • Chocolate confectionaries
  • Cookies, biscuits
  • Bakery...


SICASWEET 95 is also adapted to the formulation of infant milks where it contributes to the contribution of lactose and micro-nutrients such as carnitine, inositol, choline or vitamin B.

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